By the Numbers: Which Cities Are Sending the Most People to the Inauguration

David Paul Morris / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Unless you’ve been holed up and hiding under a rock since November 8, you haven’t been able to escape the news that on Friday Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. And while we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to hide under a rock, plenty of folks are doing the exact opposite and heading straight for the action in Washington, D.C.


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It’s been estimated that 1 million attendees and protesters will travel to the capital this week for the inauguration ceremony on January 20. And while there are plenty of statistics in the news lately regarding the inauguration (more than 60 members of the House of Representatives are boycotting the event; 28,000 security officials will be onsite; and 200,000 are expected to participate in the Women’s March on Washington), but there are a few more figures that are equally shocking: the travel costs to get to D.C.


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According to numbers collected from the travel booking website Orbitz, domestic airfare to Washington, D.C., has skyrocketed for this week, with ticket prices spiking 17 percent on average compared to last week. Currently, the average one-way ticket prices to fly in on Thursday or Friday are $387 and $388, respectively. For travelers who landed on Monday, their tickets set them back an average of $496 one-way.

And getting there isn’t even the hardest part (when it comes to your wallet, anyway). Travelers can expect to pay well above average for their hotel rooms. Currently, hotel rates in D.C. neighborhoods near the National Mall and the Capitol are averaging more than $500 a night. Even better, almost all of these rates are non-refundable.

It seems like people from every nook and cranny of the country are flocking to Capitol Hill. Orbitz also collected data on the top ten cities originating travelers who are headed to the nation’s capital this week. The list might surprise you — with Chicago (Obama’s hometown) being the most popular hub for D.C.-bound travelers.

1. Chicago, Illinois

2. San Francisco, California

3. Boston, Massachusetts

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

5. Los Angeles, California

6. Portland, Maine

7. Denver, Colorado

8. Seattle, Washington

9. Orlando, Florida

10. Atlanta, Georgia

There were no reports on which locations were more popular with protestors or attendees departing, but we’re sure you can draw your own conclusions, based on the overwhelmingly blueish hue of the cities on the list.

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