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Cannabis Hosting 101: 10 Tips For Offering Weed to Your Guests

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Cannabis stigma is beginning to fade, but their are still elements of social interaction that people feel uncomfortable with. The one we have on our minds? Hosting.

When you have friends or family come over you offer them a drink, food, make them comfortable. We think these same courtesies should apply to cannabis users, so we went in search of some hosting tips for weed lovers and their weed-loving guests.

David Yokelson is with the Trichome Institute, a sort of sommelier program for the cannabis industry that sets standards for science, education, and certification within the community. Yokelson wears several hats, including that of project manager at Trichome, and has been a judge for products.

We spoke with him to help craft 10 rules about how to be a good host, and how to feel comfortable with your cannabis in your own home–and make your guests feel the same.