It’s Not Too Late to Ditch Thanksgiving: These Bargain Flights Are All the Excuse You Need


Are you just not ready to chat tax cuts over sweet potato mash with Uncle Steve? It’s not too late to skip the whole Thanksgiving ordeal and travel somewhere you actually want to go—be it Cancun or Shanghai. Tell your cousins your flights got mixed up and take advantage of one of these flash deals below. They will (probably) understand.

New York to Montreal, Canada 

November 22–26

$371, book here.

Dallas to Cancun, Mexico

November 22–26

$501, book here.

Los Angeles to Beijing, China 

November 22–26

$371, Book here 

 Chicago to Miami

November 22–29

$105, book here.

New York to Stockholm, Sweden

November 22–28

$509 book here 

San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii

November 22–29

$501, book here