DIY Teardrop Trailer Kits Are the Affordable Way to Own a Camper

For as much as we all love the look and idea of Airstream trailers and campers, they’re well out of most of our budgets — unless, of course, we win the lottery one day. So what’s someone to do if they want a sleek, functional camper that doesn’t require a mortgage?

Let us introduce to the novel concept of DIY camper kits from the Philadelphia-based company Birch Campers. Their Sprig camper offers just about everything you need to build your own teardrop trailer from wood, barring some minor finishing supplies and the utility trailer the camper rests on. And the best part is that the basic kit (plus the finishing supplies and utility trailer) will cost you only $2,500.

Birch Campers is currently wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Sprig. The kit includes all the pre-cut wood, windows, seals and hardware required to assemble the 4-by-7-foot camper. Plus, instructional videos and a web forum from Birch provide clear step-by-step detail for each stage of the process.

They state that the camper is designed to be assembled in 30 to 50 hours with no additional fabrication and that no special tools are required beyond a socket set, caulk gun and a cordless drill.

The Sprig all put together. Photo: Courtesy of Birch Campers

The other great thing is that the Sprig weighs in around 325 pounds, which is light enough to be towed by most economy cars. They even offer up plenty of customizable features if you want to trick out your Sprig even more.

While the Kickstarter campaign ends on Friday, you still have time to get a Sprig kit for an even better deal: $1,400. If you’re looking for an affordable (and good-looking) teardrop trailer, this could be what you’ve been searching for.

The Sprig out in the wild. Photo: Courtesy of Kickstarter

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