E11even Is Taking Their Nightlife Brand To New Heights (65 Stories To Be Exact)


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E11even is one of the most appealing and successful nightlife clubs in the world. This is the kind of club that is able to put forth musicians like Drake, Miley Cyrus, Usher, Cardi B, The Chainsmokers, Post Malone, Daddy Yankee, and Nicky Jam on stage in front of superstars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting, Kendall Jenner, Demi Lovato, Gigi & Bella Hadid, Dwyane Wade, Vin Diesel amongst many others.

Now that E11even has made a name in the nightlife scene, it is taking aim at the luxury hotel and residence scene in Miami. Because right now, E11even is teaming up with PMG to bring a 65 story building to Miami. A building that doesn’t just offer up hotel rooms and residential living with 375 rooms, but other next-level amenities to bring the masses in.

The amenities that can be found in E11even Hotel & Residences Miami vary from options like a luxury wellness center by Deepak Chopra, a 20000 square foot day club with pools and stages, a 5-star gourmet food hall, an 8000 square foot casino-style sports lounge, world-renowned sculptures, a private beach club, and VIP access E11even Miami.

If you are looking to take a vacation in Miami anytime soon or you want to buy a new home in a premiere spot, then E11even Hotel & Residences Miami is the place to be. And to find out so more about the creation of this new endeavor, check out the interview with the creators below.


1. From Nightlife to Vodka to Sound to Apparel and, now, to Real Estate, why do you feel people have such an affinity towards the E11EVEN brand?

(Dennis DeGori,E11EVEN PARTNERS) – E11EVEN is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle that embodies the Miami Spirit, and at the end of the day E11EVEN is an immersive experience that resonates with different people in different ways. First and foremost, we are in the business of entertainment. Our goal has always been to help our guests form a unique experience in which they help to define hour by hour and day by day. We allow the moment to shape the experience. E11EVEN is different things to different people and people tend to leave owning their experience at E11EVEN.

While the brand first gained recognition in nightlife with E11EVEN Miami, it has since evolved well beyond simply an iconic ultra club venue. Today, the E11EVEN brand has expanded into the apparel business with E11EVEN Life, a 7-figure-per-year clothing business; the audio industry with the signature E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio, a state-of-the-art sound system available worldwide; the spirits industry with E11EVEN Vodka, an ultra-premium spirit in which the brand name is licensed; and most recently launching into the hotel industry with the introduction of the E11EVEN Hotel & Residences. The E11EVEN experience promises 24/7 five-star service, first-class entertainment, iconic E11EVEN hospitality, a top-of-the-line wellness spa, and an unparalleled quality experience for which E11EVEN is known.

There is tremendous equity in the E11EVEN brand, and we strive to make everything that we do, on a scale of 1 to 10, an 11.


2. How did this Idea come about?

(Michael Simkins, E11EVEN PARTNERS) – E11EVEN Partners came together to create a lifestyle brand that embodied inclusion, supporting each other, and living your best life. As that E11EVEN lifestyle continued to reveal itself, we saw the natural progression reveal itself as well–organically, even. We’ve created the number one nightclub in the world; one that stood strongly on a pillar of exclusivity, and people want to wear that exclusivity as a proud badge of honor making the apparel a great next progression. Sound and spirits are also such integral parts of the E11EVEN DNA that we knew the licensing deal was the way to go. A world-class hotel felt like a natural next given that at its core, the E11EVEN lifestyle is driven by hospitality. We took everything we’ve collectively learned and put it into our hotel. Each of the components was carefully curated to allow for the ultimate guest experience–that of course includes top amenities, 5-star service, and enviable design.


3. Over the past decade, Downtown Miami has become a go-to destination. How has E11EVEN Miami helped to change the perception of the area?

(Dennis DeGori,E11EVEN PARTNERS) – When E11EVEN was first conceived and later opened in early 2014 in the Downtown Miami, Park West neighborhood – located just a few blocks away from the arts and entertainment district – it didn’t have much going on. Yet, we had the foresight and vision that we didn’t need to establish in South Beach just because we were opening a nightlife venue. The 11 Partners have long been instrumental in Downtown Miami’s conceptual development, Park West, and contiguous developments, including the Miami World Center project. Although Downtown Miami was not bustling (back then) like today, nevertheless, we were the first shovel in the ground in what we had confidence would become a vibrant Downtown community, and we went all-out to build a beautiful mega-million-dollar Ultraclub that served as proof of concept for the area., We were and remain focused on always offering a not-to-be-missed unique experience, ultimately changing people’s behavior patterns and bringing millions of people to the once, rarely visited area. E11EVEN became, over time, the reason that people came to the neighborhood. Nowadays, E11EVEN has become the reason why many people, far and wide, come to Miami.

It’s seven years later, and the Park West and surrounding areas are experiencing truly exponential growth with new residential & commercial buildings, entertainment venues, and restaurants regularly opening with many more in the works. People want to live, work, and play in areas with vibrant cultural offerings and cool entertaining things happening.


4. Why did it make sense to build a hotel and residence in the Area of Downtown?

(Michael Simkins, E11EVEN PARTNERS) – Miami is the most relevant city in the world at the moment and as such it is ever-evolving. Areas are melding into one another as expansions happen across the city. E11EVEN and E11EVEN Hotel and Residences sit at the epicenter of that rapid-fire growth, watching the trickle effect happen from the middle of it all. A rock’s throw from the American Airlines Arena, Museums, and performing arts centers, culture abounds. And we’d like to think that we played a crucial role in the popularity or rebirth of downtown by pioneering the renewed interest in Downtown Miami, or more precisely, Park West as it is called.


5. PMG, you build massive real estate projects, why did you feel it was good to partner with e11even on a real estate project?

(Ryan Shear, Managing Partner, PMG) – Simply put they have a phenomenal brand and the more we got to know the people behind creating the brand the more attractive the opportunity became. It wasn’t until we spent the proper time understanding what makes E11EVEN so unique and more so how Marc, Michael, Dennis, and his team were able to turn E11EVEN into a global brand, that we fully appreciated the potential of taking this brand and growing it into a real estate platform.


6. If you ended up buying a unit, what should you expect?

(Marc Roberts, E11EVEN PARTNERS) – Because E11EVEN is in fact such a strong lifestyle, we know what our consumers have come to expect from that lifestyle. We took that knowledge and brought it to life. The response from buyers has been incredible–units are almost sold out; but those that we’re able to acquire one should expect the same level of dynamic and exciting energy that E11EVEN emanates. We took the best components of the hotels that our discerning clients enjoy in their travels around the world and pondered on how we could make them better. And that’s what we did. Expect both the hotel rooms and residential units to be highly designed to meet the E11EVEN standards; there will be 8 bars and restaurants, a Deepak Chopra spa and wellness center, ballrooms and so much more. The people who have purchased are from all over; but they share a common theme: living life to the fullest. It’s our job to make the experience just that.

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