Experience the island of Eleuthera, where the Atlantic clashes with the Caribbean Sea

If you’re looking to get the most for your dollar on your next island holiday, Eleuthera’s twin ocean deal should appeal. At the narrowest point of this thin Bahamian island, the deep dark Atlantic meets the tame turquoise Caribbean under Glass Window Bridge. It’s one of very few places on Earth where you can experience such a dramatic, hetero-oceanic encounter. Just 30 feet wide, Glass Window Bridge was first built in the 1940s after successive hurricanes washed away a centuries-old natural land bridge. Today, the man-made bridge continues to weather the often violent mishmash the two seas, and post-hurricane rebuilds are just a normal part of maintenance. Indeed, Glass Window Bridge was rebuilt most recently in 1999 following Hurricane Floyd. Visitors are warned to take care at the crossing as no reef protects the area and rogue waves are common. Check out this maritime mash-up below.


The east of the island faces the deep Atlantic Ocean while the west faces the shallow Great Bahama Bank, a limestone platform in the Caribbean Sea. Image by Chemodankiny.


Glass Window Bridge is a part of the Queen’s Highway, which runs almost the entire length of the island. Image by Travel Bahamas.


Glass Window Bridge was first built in the 1940s after hurricanes washed away the natural land bridge. Image by Glass Window Bridge.


The wild meeting of the seas pounds the bridge, which was rebuilt completely in 1999 following Hurricane Floyd. Image by RyAwesome.


At just 30 feet wide, the bridge joins the narrowest point of this narrow island. Image by Vitchawee.


The name “Eleuthera” is derived from the Greek word for “freedom.” Image by Vitchawee.


It’s easy to see Eleuthera’s long, narrow hook shape in this satellite image. The Glass Window Bridge is located just below the large land mass in the upper left. Image by NASA.


Because there is no reef protecting the area, waves can strike with dramatic force, a phenomenon that is both spectacular and dangerous. Image by Chemodankiny.

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