Extreme Adventures: Bahamas Speed Week

Last time we checked in with him, World Wide Nate was swimming with the jellyfish in Palau. This extreme traveler is jetsetting again, but this time his destination is the Bahamas. Rather than taking a break to relax, like most travelers headed for this tropical island do, Nate wasted no time on the beach. Instead he made a beeline for Bahamas Speed Week where legendary racers showcase their skills in one-of-a-kind cars and got the chance to jet up to the top of Fort Charlotte Hill in a 1964 Ferrari.

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Here’s a bit of background on Bahamas Speed Week from World Wide Nate:

The 2nd annual Bahamas Speed Week was the perfect opportunity to escape the winter chill for sunshine, turquoise blue water and adventure.  Speed Week originally took place during the 1950s and 60s but was revived in 2011.

This year there was a beautiful mix of vintage and new cars worth a total of $100 million. Some of the classics included the 1953 375MM Pininfarina Spyder, 1959 Cooper Monaco and 1981 DeLoreanracing cars. Legendary racecar driver Scott Best invited me to ride shotgun with him in his 1964 Ferrari 330 America for the Hillclimb, which is a timed run up Fort Charlotte Hill testing the drivers maneuvering skills. Find out if we made it to the top!

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