Extreme Adventures: Swimming With Jellyfish in Palau [VIDEO]


You may remember Nate as our heart-thumping adventure seeker and travel blogger. When we last caught up with him, Nate was just about to jump off of a platform in Durban, South Africa—site of the world’s longest rope swing. He accomplished his mission, and lived to share the tall of his adventures.

This time, Nate’s in Palau, an island somewhere way off the coast of the Phillipeans in the Pacific Ocean. When you catch a glimpse of the crystal clear waters surrounding of this tiny nation, you may just want to grab your beach chair and relax.

But as we learned last time, chillin’ out doesn’t really do it Nate. He wants an adrenaline rush. An vacation high. So, as you’ll see in this video, he hops in his kayak and goes looking for adventure. Sure enough, he finds it…in the form of a jellyfish infested lake. While we wouldn’t go anywhere near those globular creatures (don’t people die from getting stung??), leave it to Nate to dive right in…

More adventure from Nate in Palau…

Here’s a bit of background on the Palau from World Wide Nate:

The Island of Palau is full of surprises and adventures – exactly what I’m always looking for. I turned to Fish-n-Fins Dive Center when planning my exploration of Palau’s Rock Islands. The Milky Way, one of the island’s main attractions, is a bay filled with white limestone that can be used to help rejuvenate your skin.

After some light exfoliation, we headed over to another phenomenal site called Jelly Fish Lake. Thousands of years ago, as the rock islands rose and the ocean water receded, jellyfish became trapped in the lake and a safe haven from predators was created. The jellyfish literally lost their stingers because there was no need to defend themselves!

Check out how I was able to swim with and hold jellyfish without being stung, and let me know what you think in the comment section below. After an adventure like this, I couldn’t think of anything better than a relaxing night at the Pacific Palau resort.

About World Wide Nate

A passport, an open-jaw plane ticket and a thirst for adventure have taken me around the world—from Paris and Hong Kong to Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro—where I try to get off the beaten track (and into as much trouble as I can). As I push forward, I’ll be keeping my camera in the upright and locked position so I can share the best, wildest and most terrifying parts of my journey with mensfitness.com. For more on my travels, check out worldwidenate.com.

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