Extreme Adventures: the World’s Highest Rope Swing [VIDEO]

World highest rope swing rotator

There are some guys who don’t consider it a real vacation unless they’re laying horizontal on a beach chair, freezing cold beer in hand, smartphone switched off and rendered “unreachable.” And then there are those guys who just don’t consider their trip a true getaway unless they’re scaling some near-vertical rock face, catapulting out of a prop plane or dangling from rope that (just barely) prevents this particular adventure from becoming their last.

Our first-ever video travel blogger, World Wide Nate—aka, Nathan Fluellen—is squarely in the second category. When it comes to the ultimate adrenaline rush, this guy’s got a one-track mind. He spends weeks and sometimes months on the road every year throwing himself headlong into the kinds of sorta-reckless daredevil stunts that make our palms sweaty just to think about. Case in point: Whereas most of us who visit South Africa may want to go on a safari, or check out the surfing in Cape Town, Nate made a beeline for Moses Mabhida Stadium. Not to watch a game, mind you, but to hurl himself off one of the massive steel girders that holds the roof in place. 

While we’re not exactly planning to follow in his footsteps, we were more than happy to watch Nate as put his life on the line for our amusement. Check out his truly terrifying leap of faith…

Here’s a bit of background on the jump from World Wide Nate:

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Durban located in the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa.  Durban is home to the Moses Mabhida Stadium, also a FIFA World Cup soccer stadium and located at the stadium is the Big Rush Urban Adrenaline Jump. The Big Rush Big Swing holds the Guinness Book World Record for the tallest swing 374 feet above ground. The heart-thumping experience of climbing 550 steps to the top of the stadium, standing at the platform’s edge and jumping off into a free fall was a thrill of a lifetime!  Check out the video, then let me know in the comment section below.

About World Wide Nate

A passport, an open-jaw plane ticket and a thirst for adventure have taken me around the world—from Paris and Hong Kong to Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro—where I try to get off the beaten track (and into as much trouble as I can). As I push forward, I’ll be keeping my camera in the upright and locked position so I can share the best, wildest and most terrifying parts of my journey with mensfitness.com. For more on my travels, check out worldwidenate.com.

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