Fittest & Fattest Cities in America 2014


Men’s Fitness gave America a physical—and the results are in. We’re just days away from revealing the complete list of our fittest and fattest cities. Where do you think your hometown will rank on the list? Use the hashtag #FITTESTandFATTEST and join the conversation.

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For our diagnosis, we began with the 50 largest cities in the nation (by population), then pored over stats in several health- and fitness-related categories. Among them: air quality, access to healthy foods, general well-being, quality of parks, as well as walk- and bike-friendliness. We also sorted through data on how active citizens are, from their weight-training habits on down to how many commute to work on two-wheels. The fittest in each category was awarded 50 points and, for the most part, the worst was awarded one lowly point (a few categories used weighted averages). We crunched the numbers and…well, you’ll have to come back Monday, March 10, to see whether your city is making you fit—or fat. The results might surprise you. Can Portland, our fittest city of 2012 and 2013, three-peat? And has perennial fattest city Houston finally dug itself out of the bottom—or is everything still big in Texas?

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Check back on our site over the next week as we roll out even more #FITTESTandFATTEST content—including how you can stay fit in the fattest city.

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