Former Blink-182 Member Tom Delonge is Crowdfunding Space Travel

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Photo by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

Tom Delonge, pop-punk hero and proud believer in aliens, is trying to get us that much closer to some little green guys.

The former Blink-182 member has made no secret of his intense interest in extraterrestrial affairs and was even recently crowned the UFO Researcher of the Year. Now, he’s announced a new venture dubbed “To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Sciences.” The organization is crowdfunding a spaceship to do some star exploring of its own.

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Brian Binnie, Space Cowboy

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As of this morning, 817 investors have donated nearly $340,000. The money will go toward building an ElectroMagnetic Vehicle that will be able to travel through air, water, and space. In a Facebook post, Delonge said they would accomplish this by “engineering the fabric of Space-Time.” So, not too complicated.

The website does not specify how much this will cost, but according to NASA, the space shuttle Endeavour put taxpayers back approximately $1.7 billion.

Delonge is acting as the company’s CEO and President and will be joined by an impressive roster of other space loving dudes. According to the To The Stars Academy website, the minds involved will consist of:

· Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

· Former Senior Intelligence Officer, CIA

· Former Advanced Systems Director for Lockheed Martin’s “Skunk Works”

· Former Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats, USG

· Group of Distinguished Physicists

· Geneticist

· Molecular Biologist

· Award-Winning Storyteller

Maybe, just maybe, Delonge and this ragtag group will be the ones to finally make contact.

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