How to Get Unlimited Flights for a Month

Book unlimited flights in the U.S. for $2,950 per month with the OneGo app.
Book unlimited flights in the U.S. for $2,950 per month with the OneGo app.

Frequent business fliers and travel addicts can now book unlimited flights in the U.S. for a flat rate thanks to a new travel company, OneGo. This service, which provides tickets across all major U.S. airlines, targets business travelers, but is open to anyone who can afford the $2,950-per-month fee.

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The coast-to-coast coverage offers 700 routes across 76 different airports, and OneGo also provides three regional packages. The East Coast is the most expensive, at $2,300, though it offers over 150 routes and 39 airports to fly into. The central region runs $1,950 a month, and the West Coast costs $1,500.

The nationwide package, says OneGo CEO Paulius Grigas, is designed for business travelers who, for example, regularly fly between Los Angeles and New York. "However, if you're based in New York City but had clients mostly in Boston, Philadelphia, and Miami, it would be wise to purchase the East Coast package."

Travelers can only book unlimited flights through OneGo's app, but the company is planning to unveil a desktop platform later this year. Travelers pay by the month without a contract, but there is a starting fee of $495.

As an entrepreneur, Grigas was inspired to create OneGo from the challenges he faced when trying to stick to a travel budget. And he's confident OneGo has the potential to alter how business travelers plan their trips. "After years of booking my own travel, and sacrificing what was most convenient for me in order to stay within budget," says Grigas, "I decided that constant price fluctuation was an industry-wide issue that needed to be fixed."

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