Illegal Activities You Can Do Abroad: Drink and Drive

Laura Ciapponi / Getty Images

Travelers got a new reason to visit the Emerald Isle after a council in southwest Ireland decided to allow drunk driving. The leaders in County Kerry, about 60 miles southwest of Limerick, felt looser rural drinking laws – the lenient law only applies on out-of-the-way roads where there is very little to hit – would lead to greater social interaction and ultimately decrease the incidence of suicide, a serious problem in that melancholic neighborhood. These lawmakers decided that they’d rather allow their citizens to hit the pub after work for a pint than ask them to go home and drink alone. Though this does make some sense, locals and visitors are advised to keep it reasonable (to put this in perspective, remember that Americans are not required to have a BAC of zero when they get behind the wheel). It may be legal, but drunk driving is still a bad idea. And the Irish police do not take it lightly when they catch drunk drivers on busier roads.

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