JetBlue Is Giving Away Free Flights for Anyone Who Owes Taxes

Courtesy JetBlue

Taking your hard-earned money and giving it back to Uncle Sam instead of spending it on things you actually want (a.k.a. your dream vacation) is the worst. That’s why JetBlue is offering free flights to anyone who owes money to ease the tax season pain.

The airline launched its Tax Return Flight Giveaway and is gifting 1,000 lucky raffle winners with free one-way flights. The process to enter the giveaway is simple enough: Just go to JetBlue’s giveaway site, enter some brief information, check the “Yes” box to the question “Do You Owe Money?” if you owe money, and press the “Submit” button. Unlike your tax deductions, this really is that simple.

The deadline to enter is April 25, 2017 (a full week after official Tax Day — which is on April 18. Don’t forget). Over the course of the next 15 days after the submission deadline, the 1,000 winners of the free flights will be notified via email. The flights can be booked anywhere in the continental United States or Alaska (sorry, no tropical getaways to Hawaii). And those gifted a free flight better be ready to get going on their trip, because the flight voucher must be used between May 1 and June 15, 2017. 

While there is a limit to one entry per person, per day until the entry deadline, JetBlue stated in its official entry rules that the airline “will not, and is under no obligation, to determine the veracity of representations made by entrants.” So while we wouldn’t recommend lying to the IRS, fibbing to JetBlue just this once is far less grievous. 

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