Kelly Slater’s car ‘waxed’ with expletive in Australia

Kelly Slater and the very Australian (and very offensive) graffiti. Photo via Instagram
Kelly Slater and the very Australian (and very offensive) graffiti. Photo via Instagram

Kelly Slater had his car “waxed” with an expletive whilst surfing in Australia. Writing derogatory terms in surfboard wax on cars is one of surfing’s oldest, and most loathsome, traditions. While the 11-time world champion is the most popular surfer ever, it seems there is one person on the Gold Coast who is definitely not a fan.

While Slater was out surfing at Duranbah, the slur was scrawled on his windscreen. Accompanying his Instagram image (above), Slater wrote, “Check it out… I went out and when I came in, #Fuckwit had autographed my car in wax! Really wish I got a chance to see him and say hi. Such great respect surfers have for each other around these parts. So… maybe he’ll brag to his friends and I find out who he is so I can thank him in person and return the favor? Haha.”

It is assumed that the graffiti was in response to recent comments made by Slater about the state of the crowds at the Superbank, the surf spot that hosts the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. A previous Instagram post by Slater, showing him in the crowd as four surfers all attempted to ride one wave, attracted more than 30,000 likes.

The champ, just a face in the huge crowds at The Superbank.
The champ, Kelly Slater, just a face in the huge crowds at the Superbank; photo via Instagram

After the reaction to that post, Slater commented, “The crowds here are like nothing I’ve ever seen in the world …It’s really, really tough for one person to get space in the water and it’s mostly not fun.”

His comment attracted some negative online reaction, with some suggesting Slater’s very presence, and the Quik Pro event, is directly responsible for the crowds he was complaining about. Surfing Queensland spokesman Ben Whitmore said that while there was truth to the argument, Slater was entitled to speak out about the issue and hopefully the attention would help find a solution.

“He has the profile needed to get people’s attention on this issue,” Whitmore told

Either way, both the waxed autograph and the social-media attention haven’t seemed to affect Slater too much. His next Instragram post was a selfie, showcasing a pimple on his nose. It seems he has bigger things to worry about.

It seems Kelly has bigger problems to focus on.
It seems Kelly Slater has bigger problems than a wax attack. Photo via Instagram

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