Kevin Costner’s Favorite Things: The Explorers Guild

Mj 618_348_kevin costner s favorite things the explorers guild
Orion Pictures Corp/Everett Collection

What’s next for Costner? On screen, he’ll play Superman’s father, Jonathan Kent, in Zack Snyder’s blockbuster Man of Steel, scheduled for release on June 14, 2013. But, perhaps more excitingly, he’ll continue his development work on the forthcoming film franchise The Explorers Guild. “For people looking for fresh air, this is something that’s really cool,” says Costner of the gothic, animated stories, which follow a group of Victorian-era adventurers along the African interior to the peaks of Tibet. And unlike some of his best-known projects, which he claims were a trial to make, this series feels like smooth sailing. “I don’t know why some of the things in my life – whether it’s Dances with Wolves or Field of Dreams, or even Bull Durham – why they always seem like an uphill struggle. But they have been. The Explorers Guild, of all the things, feels like a no-brainer.”

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