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A crowd favorite, Pioneer Carry has been rapidly growing their line of hyper-refined wallets and accessories which are in a category of their own. New to the lineup of slim technical products is their expansion into travel related goods, specifically the Global Pouch and Passport Wallet.  Using specialized ultra durable ripstop fabrics, Pioneer implements a heat-fusing manufacturing method resulting in a slim and precise design with a unique hand-feel and beautiful presence.

The new Global Pouch is an ideal toiletry kit on short trips. However, it really shines as a tech caddy or desk organizer for cords, chargers, and AirPods. The interior includes five pockets for plenty of sensible organization while the exterior is smooth and soft. A waterproof zipper runs across the entire length of the pouch allowing for easy access to your gear.

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The Passport Wallet does one thing that very few passport wallets can – it fits in your pocket. Unlike a ‘passport holder’ this can act as a fully-featured wallet letting you leave the bulky billfold at home or in the hotel while you’re out for the day. Because it is waterproof- traveling in humid climates in a no brainer. Something that can’t be said for leather wallets.

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