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Shinola’s New Hotel in Detroit Looks as Awesome as its Watches

 All Images Courtesy of Shinola

Shinola’s progression from watchmaker to full-fledged lifestyle brand is almost complete. Next year, the Detroit brand’s vision for a well-lived life will manifest in the form of a hotel where you can literally move into its world for a night or two.

On Tuesday, the brand launched a website for the 130-room space, which is slated to open in late 2018. The eight-story building, at 1400 Woodward Street in Detroit, is in the heart of the city’s historic downtown, and is currently undergoing an interior renovation. The rooms will be designed by Gachot Studios, the New York firm that has worked on a number of Shinola’s stores, but the surroundings will be unmistakably Michigan.

“We want to welcome people into our home,” said Tom Lewand, the company’s CEO, in a video released today.” But it’s not just the 130 rooms in the hotel, it’s our city.”

While there’s no telling just yet what the inside of the space will look like, the exterior renderings reveal multiple terraces with lots of greenery and an alleyway that will make it easy to get between Shinola’s hotels and other nearby properties. A look at the new renderings below.