You Won’t Die of Dysentery in the Updated “Oregon Trail”, But You Will Drink Craft Beer

Image via Travel Oregon

You may not have to ford a river or get dysentery, but you will be able to order a flight of IPAs.

Travel Oregon has placed a new 8-bit video game at the top of its website, that looks just like the classic Oregon Trail. With the same choppy graphics and sense of adventure, one can digitally make their way around Oregon. Things have just changed a bit over time.

Players can now decide to make their way to a craft beer bar, or go for a hike, or maybe just hit the store. With the money allotted at the beginning of the game, choices in the store range from gas cans to artisanal coffee to dry socks.

When one chooses to hit up the local brewery, there’s the option to help out by checking IDs at the door. A game pops up where quick math has to be done along with hitting the space bar. Good work taking IDs might even get the player a free flight of fine Portland craft beer. 

Play the game over at Travel Oregon, and enjoy some fine digital suds and/or coffee. 

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