Riding 300 Miles From California to Las Vegas on a Onewheel

Onewheel, the offroad electric one-wheeled board, wanted to show-off the range of their new Onewheel+ XR model before launching it at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week.

So they decided to exhibit that twice-as-much range (it now gets 12-18 miles on a charge instead of previous models of 6-9 miles) by riding the XR 300 miles from Palm Springs, California to Las Vegas, Nevada.

“When we were developing Onewheel+ XR, we knew we wanted to go on a big adventure to launch the product and showcase what it can do,” Onewheel CEO Kyle Doerksen said in a press release. “I think this is going to inspire many other amazing Onewheeling adventures.”

The Onewheel+ XR. Photo: Onewheel

A group of four Onewheel team members embarked on the journey Jan. 6 and arrived in Las Vegas on Jan. 9, but not without a few bumps. The chase van broke down and the weather turned at moments. But the team kept plugging along, trading off every 10 to 15 miles.

The Onewheel chase van following the rider out ahead. Photo: Onewheel
One rider tagging another rider out to head back to the van. Photo: Onewheel

Riding through Joshua Tree National Park, the team used three XR’s, charging two in the van while one was always on the road.

“It was so incredible,” Onewheel Brand Ambassador Christian Shaw had to say of the trip in a release. “It’s the most freeing thing ever. You feel so alive.”

The longest Onewheel trip ever undertaken, it certainly highlights how the Onewheel can be looked at as more than just a recreational vehicle and possibly even a vehicle to use for travel.

The view from the chase van. Photo: Onewheel
The trip wasn’t just for a straight line down the road. Photo: Onewheel

The Onewheel+ XR is currently available for pre-order.

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