Scary Good Deals: 5 Haunted Homes Worth Buying

The John Sowden House in Los Angeles is believed to be the place of the gruesome Black Dahlia murder.
The John Sowden House in Los Angeles is believed to be the place of the gruesome Black Dahlia murder.Wikipedia

From the 1982 classic Poltergeist to Crimson Peak, haunted houses are a staple of the horror genre. But old homes with dark pasts, grisly murders, and suspicious deaths aren't just in the realm of fiction. In fact, you can own one. Here are five houses for sale that claim to be haunted, though more often by friendly ghosts. Priced from less than $100,000 to nearly $5 million, there's something here for every ghost lover, courtesy of

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The Turret House at 550 North Cherokee St, Muskogee, OK
Muskogee is a small town of around 35,000 people. Its name harkens back to the Muscogee Native Americans who were moved from their home in the South to reservations in Oklahoma. This Victorian-style home is only on its second owner, after the family that built it. For hauntings, music floats out from vacant rooms, but the source hasn't been singled out yet. Some suspects include the original owner's niece, who passed away in the home, and unmarked graves nearby. [$94,500;]

Haunted Castle House at 841 Highway C, Brumley, MO
The Haunted Castle House has documented hauntings dating back to the 19th century. Dr. Walter Dixon built the house in 1850, and his wife died mysteriously at the top of the staircase. The Victorian-style house is a bed and breakfast, so there are regular physical guests as well. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigation teams have also visited and added to the reports of ghost sightings. [$195,000;]

Pillars Estate at 13800 West County House Road, Albion, NY
The 20th century didn't treat this Civil War–era home well, but new homeowners came in 2006 with the mission to save the house. And while it's now beautifully restored, it's also home to paranormal activity. They call the spirit the Woman in White, and believe that she is the friendly ghost of former resident Myrtle Carr. [$1 million;]

The Sandlin House at 401 West Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, FL 
The Sandlin House is a Victorian-style that has had rumors of ghost hauntings for more than 100 years. The house itself is more than 120 years old, with a wrap-around porch and widow's walk on top. The haunting comes from a freak accident on the front porch. In 1909, the owner's 14-year-old daughter, Mary Leah, was ironing on the front porch, spilled kerosene on herself, caught fire, and died. The current owners say that they hear footsteps up and down the stairs and that a closet door refuses to shut. [$1.15 million;]

The John Sowden House at 5121 Franklin Ave. Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood is known for extravagant showmanship and tall tales. This house is no exception, as it's made an appearance in multiple movies and is the suspected murder site of the Black Dahlia homicide — the 1947 murder of Elizabeth Short, later nicknamed Black Dahlia. The house was built in 1926 and designed by Lloyd Wright (Frank's oldest son). Physician George Hodel bought it in 1945 and is suspected to have murdered Short there. Residents have claimed paranormal activity, and, in true Hollywood fashion, the TV show Ghost Hunters claims to have filmed an apparition. [$4.79 million;]

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