A Swedish Cabin That’s Completely Off the Grid


The Place: This earth cabin, known as backstras in Swedish was named “Little Jon’s Cabin” after its original early-1800s inhabitant, Little Jon. The cabin was built partially underground from three walls of stone and one of wood, in Småland, a heavily forested region of southern Sweden. Earth cabins were commonly built in the 1800s and put between two properties on forested land, often constructed to house the people who worked for the landowners. With one open room, no bathroom, two windows for natural light, a functioning fireplace, and its recent restoration, the cabin is beautifully engulfed in nature, and the perfect place to get off the grid for a night.

The Cost: You can hike in for just a visit, or if you want to spend the night, you can rent Little Jon’s Cabin for $60/per night.


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The Region: Småland is one of the larger provinces in southern Sweden. It’s 228 miles from Stockholm (about a four hour and 20 minutes drive). The region is dotted with over 5,000 lakes and runs along the coastline of the Baltic Sea. It’s best known for the island of Öland, which can be reached by bridge, and has the highest amount of summer sunshine hours in the country. The sun rises around 4:00 a.m. and sets at 9:49 p.m., leaving you with plenty of time to explore the 75 natural reserves in the region. Spend your days hiking trails and canoeing from one tiny forested island to the next, zip-lining through some natural habitats, and enjoying “moose parks” where whole populations of the animals live.

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