Short film documents winter trip through Alaska via rail, truck and plane

Cinematographer Tom Welsh wanted to start 2017 off in a different way. So he and his friend Dan ventured to Alaska with the intention of disconnecting from technology and work. They did so via plane, train and 4×4. But, being a cinematographer, Welsh couldn’t travel to somewhere pristine like that and not bring a camera.

The end result of that is this short film he put together called “The Problem of the Wilderness.” Taken from the title of a book by environmental activist Bob Marshall that they found in one of their cabins, it fits perfectly with their intentions of the trip.

As the narrator reads from Marshall’s book, it’s a reminder of how we should all travel.

“It is well to reflect that the wilderness furnishes perhaps the best opportunity for pure esthetic enjoyment. This requires that beauty be observed as a unity, and that for the brief duration of any pure esthetic experience the cognition of the observed object must completely fill the spectator’s cosmos. There can be no extraneous thoughts — no question about the creator of the phenomenon, it’s structure, what it resembles or what vanity in the beholder it gratifies. ‘The purely esthetic observer has for the moment forgotten his own soul,’ he has only one sensation left and that is exquisiteness. In the wilderness, with its entire freedom from the manifestations of human will, that perfect objectivity which is essential for pure esthetic rapture can probably be achieved more readily than among any other forms of beauty.”

That's definitely worth shutting everything off and paying attention to. Photo: Vimeo
That’s definitely worth shutting everything off and paying attention to. Photo: Vimeo

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