Teahupoo surfers captured in underwater video

Teahupoo surfers captured in underwater video
Teahupoo surf as seen from underwater. Photo is from Ben Thouard Photography’s Facebook page

Teahupoo, located on the southwest coast of Tahiti, is world famous for its big-wave surfing. The glassy, barreling waves, which can sometimes reach over 20 feet in height, are what draw surfers from all over the world.

It is also the reason surfing photographer Ben Thouard calls Teahupoo home. It is his favorite place to shoot, which includes flying aboard a motorized paraglider for aerial shots.

Other photographers have used drones to capture aerial footage—a practice that has become commonplace, as Surfing magazine points out—so you could watch surfing from a bird’s-eye view. For fun, Thouard recently captured video of surfers at Teahupoo from a fish’s-eye view, and it really is remarkable.

Thouard calls his GoPro-shot underwater video “The Blue Room.”

So that’s what the Teahupoo surf looks like from underwater.

As one commenter on Thouard’s Facebook wrote: “Fantastique! Du super boulot comme d’hab!” Translation: “Fantastic! Super job as usual!”

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