The Airbnb of RVs and Camper Vans Is Here to Let You Rent Vanlife

Airbnb was a fairly revolutionary concept when it came around in 2008. And when you think about it, it makes sense to rent things to others when you’re not using them.

While we’re sure an endless amount of businesses have launched since then claiming to be “the Airbnb of this or that,” one of those you need to know about is Campanda. That’s because Campanda is essentially the Airbnb of RV and camper van rentals that will allow you to rent vanlife.

But what could be the bigger draw with Campanda is for those who already own a camper, RV, fifth wheel or other sort of travel vehicle. Campanda allows you to make money from your vehicle while you’re not using it. Sure, other companies have given people the option of testing out vanlife by renting directly from them, but only a few have offered the peer-to-peer model so far.

As Campanda says on their website:

“Campanda is a marketplace that serves RV owners looking to share their love of RV life with prospective travelers by renting out their vehicles — making extra income in the process. We’ve built a way for RV owners to connect with and rent to outdoor travel enthusiasts around the world. RV owners make extra cash letting travelers use their RV when it would otherwise be sitting in the driveway or in storage. If you own an RV that you don’t live in full time, renting your vehicle can open up an incredible stream of additional income.”

Campanda claims that a Class A motorhome can net you up to $4,250 a month, while a fifth wheel could pull in up to $2,560 a month — much better than having it sit in your driveway if you’re not living in it.

“If it is road-worthy and you can sleep in it, you’ll find it on Campanda!” Photo: Shelby L. Bell/Flickr

Renting and listing a rental on Campanda is fairly simple, albeit not as simple as renting someone’s house, since vehicles come with a laundry list of risks. Owners must have their own liability insurance. Renters meanwhile pay for a rental insurance policy Campanda offers with Allianz. The comprehensive plan includes coverage for breakdowns and up to $1 million for vehicle replacement.

Just like Airbnb, owners block off dates they’d like to use their vehicle. And renters are able to put in their dates and look through options just like any lodging site.

If you’re looking to rent vanlife for your next trip, or want to rent out vanlife to make some cash, Campanda is an option you should be considering.

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