The MJ5: Joel Kinnaman on His Favorite Travel Spot and Why He’s ‘Obsessed’ With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

For the July/August issue of Men’s Journal, cover star Joel Kinnaman went to New Orleans and had an adventure through the Louisiana bayou. Between checking out airboats, gators, and Cajun-style crawfish, Kinnaman spoke about his new series For All Mankind, set to debut this fall on Apple TV Plus, and his journey from Sweden to the top ranks of Hollywood.

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Kinnaman’s breakout role that put him on the road to Hollywood was the 2010 Swedish film Snabba Cash (called Easy Money in America), which saw Kinnaman play a regular guy who is drawn into the criminal underworld of drugs and money. The movie was a smash-hit in Sweden, setting box-office records in the country and winning Kinnaman the Swedish version of an Academy Award. The movie opened doors to the United States, including films and TV projects like The Killing, Suicide Squad, the 2014 RoboCop reboot, and the Netflix series House of Cards and Altered Carbon.

“It got really intense,” Kinnaman says. “It’s a small country—only 10 million people—so when somebody breaks through…I needed to figure a lot of things out about how to deal with that. Something was telling me that it wasn’t good to be in Sweden while I was getting so famous there.”

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Kinnaman took some time while riding on an airboat to talk about his favorite workouts, gear, travel spots and more for the MJ5.

On his favorite workout: “I’m obsessed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. That’s something I’m literally addicted to. If I don’t train for like three or four days, my mind starts playing tricks on me. It’s super fun.”

On his favorite piece of gear: “I don’t think I really have a favorite piece of gear, I mean I guess my phone [laughs].”

On his favorite travel spot: “I haven’t gone back to many places, but I’ve gone back to Havana. I think Cuba is super cool.”

On his favorite drink: “Lately I’ve been drinking gin.”

On his favorite meal to cook: “I think the delivery services are a little too good, so that’s why I very rarely cook, but when I cook it’s steak and salad.”

See all of Kinnaman’s favorite stuff in the video above, and check out his full profile in the July/August issue of Men’s Journal.

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