The Ping-Pong Social Club


What’s the latest sport to make its way inside a bar? Ping-pong. And this is the real deal – not like how Golden Tee brought “golf” into the back corners of taverns. SPiN Galactic, with locations in Manhattan, Toronto, and Milwaukee, bills itself as a ping-pong social club, hell-bent on “spreading the love of pong across the world,” according to its website. It might sound corny, but when you mix cold beer and cocktails with high-flying balls and some fierce competition between you and your buddies, it’s kind of hard not to get down with the pong. Each locale features at least a dozen tables you can rent by the half-hour or hour, as well as ample lounge space for non-players, making it easy to rotate your group in and out of games. SPiN opens at 11 a.m. (noon in Toronto) and offers a full menu, so you can even grab a paddle and a sandwich over your lunch break. Then, at night, the lights get low and DJs start spinning, bumping up the nightclub atmosphere. Even watching the cleanup is a trip, as “bussers” scoot around with special nets on poles and makeshift dustpans to retrieve wayward balls. []

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