The Smartest Cities for Men in 2013

Seattle rotator

Being the smartest guy in the room is great when you’re trying to pass the bar exam or beat the house in blackjack. But as you get older, you discover that dendrites are like hamstrings—you’ve got to stretch them, or they tighten up. Then one day you’re minding your business trying to calculate a mortgage payment and BAM! You’ve pulled something—in your brain.

So if you want to stay at the top of your game, you don’t play in the Triple-A league. You look to surround yourself with the best and the brightest. To find out exactly where the majors live, we fired up our own synapses and crunched the data. After cross-referencing info—academic degrees, colleges, salaries, Lumosity scores, startups, and tech rankings—from the 50 most populous cities in the country, we identified the smartest city in America.

Business or pleasure
This is the city that birthed Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon and, according to our data, also ranks in the top five in terms of cities where you’ll find the smartest and highest-paid women. It’s the metropolis that invented the phenomenon of desirable women posting up in coffee shops with books and laptops. For all this (oh, and Jimi Hendrix), we honor Seattle as 2013’s Smartest City for Men. And Miami—don’t think we don’t see you down there; we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed.

1. Seattle, WA

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Washington, DC

4. Minneapolis, MN

5. Oakland, CA

6. Denver, CO

7. Boston, MA

8. Portland, OR

9. Raleigh, NC

10. Austin, TX

11. San Diego, CA

12. San Jose, CA

13. Atlanta, GA

14. Kansas City, MO

15. Colorado Springs, CO

16. Omaha, NE

17. Baltimore, MD
18. Chicago, IL

19. Nashville, TN

20. New York, NY

21. Virginia Beach, VA

22. Columbus, OH

23. Charlotte, NC

24. Albuquerque, NM

25. Indianapolis, IN

26. Sacramento, CA

27. Philadelphia, PA

28. Fort Worth, TX

29. Wichita, KS

30. Dallas, TX

31. Louisville, KY

32. Long Beach, CA

33. Jacksonville, FL
34. Los Angeles, CA

35. Oklahoma City, OK

36. Phoenix, AZ

37. Tulsa, OK

38. Mesa, AZ

39. Tucson, AZ

40. Milwaukee, WI


41. Arlington, TX

42. San Antonio, TX

43. Houston, TX

44. Memphis, TN

45. Cleveland, OH

46. Las Vegas, NV

47. Fresno, CA

48. Detroit, MI

49. Miami, FL

50. El Paso, TX


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