The world’s newest and best wave discovered in Angola

The newest nomination in the world’s best wave category has been discovered in Angola. South African surfers Davey and Benji Brand traveled to the war-torn country on Africa’s west coast, and surfed a wave that is three miles long and features up to seven tube sections. “I’ve been to Fiji, Hawaii, everywhere. This was by far the best I’d ever seen,” Davey told Magic Seaweed. “The wave itself is a sand spit quite far out from a little town. The wind pumps the sand into the perfect shape and it’s just a mechanical barrel the whole way.” It is so new the wave still doesn’t have a name.

The wave has been compared to Skeleton Bay in Namibia, probably the last great wave discovery of the last decade. Intrepid surf explorer Kepa Acero, who also surfed this same wave in Angola this August, told, “It is similar to Skeleton Bay, but not as heavy and probably more perfect. It breaks just like a perfect Indonesian pointbreak. It is one of the best waves I have ever seen.”

However, before you book your ticket, this isn’t an easy wave to find, or survive. “One thing we want to get across is there is no infrastructure. If you crash your car, then you leave it on the side of the road,” said filmmaker Dan Mace. “There are no roads; there are just sand dunes and big cliffs.”

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