This 8K Video of Patagonia Will Make You Look Up Plane Tickets

PATAGONIA 8K from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films on Vimeo.

A stunning new video of Patagonia, shot in Full Ultra HD 8K resolution, will have you itching for a South American adventure. Patagonia, which covers the southern ends of Argentina and Chile, is well known for its steppe-like plains, which lie next to the rugged Andes and surround beautiful glaciers and lakes. Timestorm Films captured these features in full, offering an unparalleled look into a sparsely populated, geologically marvelous area.

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The region actually owes its gorgeous physical diversity to a combination of high rainfall and low sea surface temperatures — which contribute to the formation of glaciers — along with an active tectonic presence in the central expanse, which has abetted erosion, the creation of land depressions, and even volcanic eruptions.  

Traveling in Chile from Santiago to Punta Arenas, filmmakers Martin Heck and Jonas Dengler covered over 4,500 miles, and shot 100,000 still frames to craft the final cut. The video has many highlights; there are myriad shots of clouds gliding along rocky peaks and frozen lakes reflecting the sky and cliffs above. Most impressive is an average Patagonia night, offered about three minutes in, which shows a sky filled by a vivid Milky Way and expanse of constellations.

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