This Cappadocia cave hotel is a real mountain hideaway

If spring came too soon for you and you’re not ready to see the sun, the Yunak Evleri cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey, offers an elegant place to hide out. The hotel consists of six full houses and 35 private rooms, all carved entirely out of the mountainside and all dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries. Yunak Evleri first opened its caverns in the early 2000s following an extensive four-year renovation to make the centuries-old dwellings habitable for modern guests. Electricity, comfy beds, and hot tubs are on offer, but the rough rock walls and moratorium on television remind visitors they’re in an ancient place. There is also a 19th-century Greek mansion on the grounds for those preferring free-standing lodging. The rock-carved architectural style is not uncommon in Cappadocia. The region’s topography is virtually perforated with cave houses, cave churches, other cave hotels, and even a few underground cities. Check out this real mountain hideaway below.


An extensive four-year renovation was needed to make the centuries-old dwellings habitable for modern guests. Image by Yunak Evleri


The conical rock formations seen here, and throughout this area of Turkey, are called “fairy chimneys.”  Image by Yunak Evleri


The walls and ceilings have been purposefully left rough and raw so guests retain a sense of the special place they’re staying in. Image by Yunak Evleri


While Yunak Evleri offers a lot of modern amenities, television isn’t one of them—a purposeful omission to match the ancient atmosphere. Image by Yunak Evleri


The mountain locale means nights are cool even in summer, and winters bring a dusting of snow. Image by Yunak Evleri


The name “Cappadocia” is as old as these caves and means “land of beautiful horses.” Image by Yunak Evleri


The caves of Cappadocia are fiercely protected by Turkish authorities, who oversee and regulate all renovations. Image by Yunak Evleri


Cappadocia is home to numerous homes and churches carved from the soft rock as well as a few underground cities. Image by Yunak Evleri

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