Tourist Declares Himself King of Unclaimed African Land by Planting Seeds

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Suyash Dixit via Facebook

Nestled between Egypt and Sudan, along the coast of the Red Sea, is an 800 square-mile patch of land unclaimed by either country. Which means, in theory anyway, anyone with the funds, access, and moxie to get there can claim the area as their own.

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That’s what Indian tourist and adventurer Suyash Dixit accomplished last week. It took six hours, permission from the Egyptian military, and the threat of kidnapping by terrorists to reach the stark, sandy patch.

Once there, Dixit—complying with the ancient custom of many sovereign nations—staked a flag and planted seeds to formally claim the territory as his own. He’s calling the new land the “Kingdom of Dixit,” and, of course, pronouncing himself its ruler. He made the royal decree on Facebook.

The Telegraph reports that the intrepid explorer wrote:

“The dawn of our nation begins as a blank slate in an arid, desolate desert. Through the charity of the world community and the disciples of modern science, we will construct the most fertile, ecologically sensitive nation on Earth.

“I am the king! This is no joke, I own a country now! Time to write an email to UN.”

This is more easily said then done. In order to become a member of the U.N., Dixit will need to convince the world’s nations to recognize his land as sovereign. He will also need to fend off the borders from other travelers with the same aim.

Despite that minor technicality, the king has created a website where would-be subjects can apply for citizenship.

We look forward to your prosperous reign, King Dixit.

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