Travel Insider: How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

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Hans Miller, has over 10 years of experience as both a senior executive with the U.S. government and as an airline strategy consultant. Now, as the CEO and founder of Airside Mobile, Miller wants to end your airport security and customs woes without compromising your safety. That’s why he developed Mobile Passport, the only electronic identification accepted by US Customs and Border Protection. We spoke with Miller about the future of airport security and what never to do in the line at customs.

What is the biggest mistake people make while going through security and customs?
Other than smuggling alligators in their pants?  (True story). Getting agitated and vocally abusive will not end well. Trust me.

What is the best thing a person can do when navigating international security and get to where they want to go without a hitch?
In general, staying organized and observant about what to do and where to go. Using Mobile Passport will help you get through the process really quickly. So far, the program is only at Miami and Atlanta, but CBP has publicly committed to rolling it out to the 20 biggest airports over the coming months. Mobile Passport is for US and Canadian citizens at this point, and you will still need your physical passport with you.


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How does Mobile Passport work and how does it benefit a traveler?
With Mobile Passport, you submit your passport info and customs declaration via your smartphone as soon as you land. Then you roll into the Mobile Passport Control fast lane at the airport, scan your phone, show your passport photo, and you're done. In the traditional process, swiping passports, collecting forms, and checking CBP systems can add up to nearly two minutes of transaction time.

Mobile Passport automates the submission of your information and enables the officer to process you up to five times faster. And only Mobile Passport travelers can use the program's dedicated fast lane, so it's incredibly quick. We've had flight crews tell us that the process is a dead heat with Global Entry.

Mobile Passport may be easier and more efficient, but does it compromise safety and security?
No. All data transmissions are encrypted, and no personal information is persisted on our systems. Most importantly, it allows CBP officers to give their full attention to evaluating the person standing in front of them instead of sitting in front of their screens.

How do people get Mobile Passport?
Mobile Passport is a free app available on iTunes and Google Play. Or just go to

What's your top piece of advice for travelers?
Be cool and smile. Don't drop trou at the TSA checkpoint, even if it is spring break (also a true story). Throwing a tantrum to almost anybody in this industry will get you nowhere. A good attitudes gets a good attitude in return.

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