TSA Targets Uncharged Electronic Devices

TSA targets electronics

New regulations from Transportation Security Administration (TSA) tightened the rules another notch last week when officials announced that airports won’t be permitting dead cell phones or laptops on certain flights headed to the United States. The threat: improvised explosives can be made using these devices and may slip through security undetected.

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So don’t just pack your chargers. Make sure all of your electronics are totally juiced, or they could be confiscated. The TSA says that devices that cannot be turned on won’t be permitted on flights. It’s one thing to have a bottle of sunscreen get tossed. It’s another to get your smartphone or laptop taken away. 

To be clear, these new regulations affect flights traveling directly to the United States and so far have impacted airports in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warned last week that increased security measures were coming and noted on Meet the Press this weekend that those measures are pre-emptive.

“This is not something to overreact to or overspeculate about. But it’s something we felt was necessary,” Johnson said. 

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