An Undeniably Great BOGO Deal from Rosetta Stone Just In Time for the Holidays

Rosetta Stone Holiday Sale

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Looking for a fun, unique holiday gift? Look no further than Rosetta Stone. Right now during the Holiday Sale, you can get up to two years of Rosetta Stone for free. The gift of language and culture? What a clever and out-of-the-box gift idea!

Rosetta Stone is an immersive system that allows subscribers to learn a new language, any time, anywhere. Using the award-winning Rosetta Stone app, subscribers can take a deep-dive into a language lesson any time it’s convenient, no matter where they are. And they can access the app on most any device.

Interactive activities and contextual lessons have proven a far more effective teaching tool than memorizing an agonizingly long vocabulary list. Users take 10-minute lessons that truly immerse them in the language they want to learn. The lessons are downloadable, so they can be taken online or off regardless of where you are. And with Rosetta Stone’s speech-recognition engine Tru-Accent proper word usage, pronunciation, and verb conjugation are dialed in from the get-go.

That means learning a language the right way from the start—no bad habits to break or mispronunciations to unlearn. And by immersing yourself in that language, regularly and completely, you end up with deep knowledge and a lifelong skill that occasional use just can’t provide.

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Think about it. If you’ve ever spent any time overseas or worked with foreign language speakers, then you know how it is. Sure, you may pick up a bunch of words, and you can probably communicate well enough to get the job done. But are you really speaking their language? And once you’re not in that situation anymore and you no longer need to communicate in another language, all that knowledge goes away.

That’s why most of us who took a foreign language class in school can’t speak that language today. We may have gotten pretty adept at it, doing it on a regular basis. But once the class is over, that skill and knowledge is gone for good. So you need to learn correctly from the start, or you’re not really learning at all.

Rosetta Stone subscriptions start at just three months. But that’s not long enough to get more than a passing introduction to a new language. Besides, the longer you subscribe, the more affordable Rosetta Stone becomes. The three-month subscription is $12 a month—but subscribe for 24 months, and the cost plummets to half that! Just $6 per month.

Better yet, during the Holiday Sale, you can double your language knowledge. Through December 27, subscribe for a full year at just $8 per month and you’ll get 12 months free. Subscribe for 24 months at just $6/month, and you get two more years of Rosetta Stone, free. That’s four years of language immersion for less than $150.

That’s a great deal. Because it takes time to learn a new language properly and fluently. After three months you’ll get familiarized with your new language. You’ll know a bunch of words and should be able to read, and speak, pretty well. But a longer subscription is definitely worth it if you want to properly learn any language.

Not only is a long-term subscription more affordable, but languages get easier the more you use them. And you can bet that if you stop using your new language, that knowledge and the skill to use it to use it will absolutely, positively fade. That’s why this BOGO deal is so worth the investment.

So give a subscription to Rosetta Stone today to someone you care about this holiday season. It’s perfect for anyone who travels regularly. It’s great for friends and family who love other cultures. And it’s fantastic for colleagues with whom you need to communicate more rapidly and effectively.

This Rosetta Stone BOGO deal ends on December 27.

Get It: Give up to 24 months of Rosetta Stone free this holiday season


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