Uber is Worried You Will Puke in Its Driverless Cars

Klaus Vedfelt / Getty

Who among us hasn’t lost their lunch in some form of taxi. Whether it be alcohol or bad shellfish, it happens. Which is why Uber has made designs to combat a very specific form of their riders losing their lunch, motion sickness inside new driverless vehicles.

Uber, just placed an order for 24,000 of the driverless rides and is implementing systems to help folks who are getting sick while riding, according to the Telegraph. Some riders have a tough time with not being able to see a person driving and not being able to anticipate what move the car is going to make next. Then they barf in the nice car. Uber thinks they have the setup to save these sour tummies. 

There will be systems of moving, vibrating seats and blasts of air conditioning hitting riders at opportune times to keep people calm and clean. There will also be sounds and lights to alert passengers to upcoming moves by the vehicle so no one is caught off guard. Two seconds before the car breaks or turns the passengers will get the notification. 

So not only will the future of Uber forego a driver that doesn’t stop talking the entire trip, but it also will prevent people from barfing on the detailed interior. 

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