Men's Journal

12 Hours to 12 Days in Dubai


Dubai is a city that manages to celebrate its past while also pioneering the future. No other city in the United Arab Emirates offers such an eye-opening look at the rich history and traditions of the region while also offering an exciting glimpse at the Middle East of tomorrow. For this reason, Dubai has emerged as both a significant commercial hub and an extraordinary vacation destination.

In Dubai, innovation is everywhere – record-breaking skyscrapers pierce the atmosphere and one-of-a-kind amusement parks spark the imagination. The natural beauty of the surrounding desert is mesmerizing and adventure awaits in its rolling dunes. Dubai holds endless opportunities to both pamper yourself — starting with your flight on the award-winning Emirates airline — and to push your limits. The biggest challenge is simply fitting it all in.

Whether you’re traveling solo for a short business trip or with your entire family for a week, there are unforgettable experiences to match any length of stay — and any age. Here is a simple guide to spending your time wisely no matter how long you’re planning to be in UAE’s most exciting city.