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These Photos From the Book “Van Life” Will Make You Want to Sell Your House


When Van Life practitioners speak of living out of their VW Westfalias, custom Sprinters, or converted school buses, they do so in reverent terms, as if they’ve achieved a sort of nirvana on black- top. The realities, of course, are much less sub- lime, full of breakdowns, showers in Starbucks bathrooms, and more than a few nights in Walmart parking lots (the rare guarantee of free overnight camping). And yet the dream still has plenty of romantic appeal. Van Life, a new book from photographer Foster Huntington, one of the original Van Lifers (his Instagram and Tumblr accounts helped kick off the craze), will no doubt provoke a heavy dose of wanderlust in readers. Full of retro vans parked gratuitously in dreamy locations — in California’s redwood forests, atop Bolivia’s salt flats, underneath Alaska’s northern lights — Van Life is, more or less, a photographic ode to the ve- hicles that make this way of life possible. There are Q&As with the owners, but it really is all about the vans, an American Muscle calendar for vagabonds. And for those of us still saddled with office jobs, mortgages, furniture — all of life’s stuff — the book is a welcome addition to the living room. It’s armchair inspiration, a heavy dose of vicarious freedom at your fingertips, and you’ll never have to worry about fixing a blown gasket. Take a peek inside at some of the stunning images that will make you want to pack up and hit the open road.