What’s It’s Like to Through-Hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 3 Minutes

If you’ve ever wanted to see the full beauty of the Pacific Crest Trail but haven’t had the time to hike all 2,663 miles of it, now you can admire the entire route in three minutes, thanks to a video created by YouTuber and travel blogger Tyler Fox, who runs Halfway Anywhere.

Starting at the US-Mexico border and traveling all the way up to Campo, Washington, on the US-Canada border, Fox’s video is comprised of one-second clips from each day of the through-hike. The iconic mountain ranges, glaciated expanses, desert land, canyons, lakes, evergreen forests, and natural waterfalls of the 25 national forests and seven national parks in California, Oregon, and Washington that span the trail are all captured. 

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The video, published three weeks ago, already has nearly 800,000 views. And after viewing it, you’ll probably want to find the time to get out and see it for yourself. And if you do, Halfway Anywhere has a complete guide from his experience out on the PCT for your use, with helpful posts on everything from “The Final, Complete PCT Gear List” to “How to Actually Shit in the Woods.” 

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