Where to Watch the World Series

Bleacher Bar

Watching the World Series at Fenway Park and Busch Stadium is great, but we’re not all lucky enough to have tickets. If you’re not Dustin Pedroia‘s second-cousin or ready to sell your soul to StubHub in the name of Michael Wacha, you still have options – “options” being, in this case, a fancy word for “sports bars.” We found the best ones for watching the series in Boston and St. Louis. 

At Boston’s Bleacher Bar (82A Lansdowne St.), you get to sneak into Fenway without a ticket and without breaking the law. That’s because the bar is actually in the stadium under the Green Monster, with a window looking into center field. Get there earlier enough to snag a table there and you’ll end up drinking next to the warning track. You’re basically grabbing a beer with Jacoby Ellsbury. Order a Sam Adams Boston Lager if you really want to do the whole “Dirty Water” thing. Red Sox fan and Bleacher regular Erik Morton says he likes the atmosphere because Sox fans have a “deeper level of knowledge” about baseball and league history.

“It doesn’t get any better,” says Morton, 35, of the bar. “I can’t imagine it could.”

Paddy O’s (618 S. 7th St.) in St. Louis isn’t quite inside Busch Stadium – it’s a short walk away – but it isn’t removed from the raucous atmosphere. The sprawling complex boasts six individual bars, more than 40 HDTVs, and an upper deck with a view of the stadium. The sprawling bar also has two patios, from which fans can hear the roar when Carlos Beltran comes up to bat and a dance floor that gets hopping after every home win.

“I’ve been going there since I was 21,” Cardinals fan Izzy Mercado, 28, says. “It’s a really great post-game atmosphere.”

As for which one is better, Paddy O’s 28-year-old drink slinger Bob Keener is quick to voice his opinion. Naturally he chose his establishment over Bleacher Bar. Asked why, he offered a terse response: “We cheer for the Cardinals.”

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