Zion National Park has a 16,000-Pound Potty Problem

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Helicopters could be seen overhead at Utah’s Zion National Park recently, for a very different kind of rescue. 

Two outhouses located near the park’s popular Angel’s Landing had been storing thousands of gallons of human waste. This was naturally giving the location quite the unpleasant aroma. 

According to The Salt Lake Tribune on October 6, the two helicopters began removing 32 barrels of waste, each weighing 500 pounds. The movement will be completed October 9. 

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Park visitors speaking to the newspaper just wanted the toilets and their stench removed. However, park geologist Dave Sharrow doesn’t think that’s a great idea. 

“This is a bad spot for a toilet, but if we took them out there would be poop behind every bush,” he said. 

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