5 healthy alternatives to typical road trip snacks

road trip snacks
Keep going with these to-go options. Photo by Kade Krichko

Snacking on the road can be dangerous business. Call it desperation or just plain laziness, but our athletic selves are at our weakest on road trips. Convenience often outweighs common sense, and that three-hour workout can go to waste quicker than you can say “jelly donut.”

But there are people out there who have our backs. In fact, there are several snack companies making alternatives to what we deem “appropriate road fuel.” So the next time you get hunger pangs on the road, don’t fall victim to the easy fix. Here are five road-snack alternatives guaranteed to keep you on the right track.

Snap Infusion Supercandy
Alternative to: You guessed it, candy

road trip snacks
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We get it: Sometimes you need that sugar boost. But it doesn’t have to be in the form of a Snickers bar. Instead, check out Supercandy, an all-natural sweet utilizing tapioca syrup and cane sugar and packed with electrolytes, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Endorsed by the U.S. Ski Team, the innovative candy comes in gummies, caramels, jellybeans, and even gum. Get your sweet and stay at your peak with this healthy and portable candy alternative.
MSRP $23.88 for 12-pack multipack

Nuun Active Hydration
Alternative to: Soft drinks

road trip snacks
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Skip the sugary soft drink or Gatorade and actually replenish your body on the road with Nuun Active Hydration tablets. Just add a tablet to 16 ounces of water and gain electrolytes without the sugar or calories that cause a bonk later. Unlike other electrolyte-tablet manufacturers, Nuun figured out a way to make some pretty good flavors (my personal favorite being Strawberry Lemonade), and the drinks are great for road trips between activities. Getting off the slopes and heading down to the valley for a run? Pop a Nuun into your water bottle and prevent cramping and muscle discomfort. Works for me.
MSRP $24.00 for 48 tablets

Kate’s Real Food Tram Bar
Alternative to: Power Bar

road trip snacks
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Calories don’t always have to be the enemy. In fact, for many of the hikers, climbers, skiers, and outdoorsmen out there, calories—the right ones—are essential for performance. Bars have become the calorie-loader of the day, but dang, they sure are dry and chalky. Take a bite into a Tram Bar and erase that stereotype, as flavors of chocolate, peanut butter, and honey take over, making mouth and body happy. One half of one of these organic bars should be enough to keep you held over for a while, and they’re easy to fit in a pack or a cup holder.
MSRP $38.95 for 12 bars

Honey Stinger Energy Waffle
Alternative to: Donut

road trip snacks
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Satisfy your sweet tooth with a sugary waffle. You heard right, a sugary waffle! Honey Stinger took the idea from sugar waffles served on the corners of European cities and morphed it into a performance food for cyclists and mountaineers. Made from all organic ingredients, the Energy Waffle packs in simple carbohydrates and is a great portable option for a snack pick-me-up while on the road. At 160 calories, the Energy Waffle is enough to get you between meals, and the “waffle” is actually two thin wafers with filling in between, so no need to worry about making a mess while navigating your next turn.
MSRP $22.24 for 16 waffles

Vermont Smoke and Cure RealSticks
Alternative to: Slim Jim

road trip snacks
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If you can’t pry yourself away from processed jerky, at least upgrade to something a little more organic with Vermont-made RealSticks. Featuring half the calories (80 compared to 160) and nearly three times less fat than a Slim Jim, RealSticks are made with humanely grown meats and contain no MSG or nitrates. If you’re expecting a tradeoff, there isn’t one, as the meat sticks come in several different (and tasty) flavors, remain moist and chewy, and won’t make you pull over and spend 20 minutes in a questionable rest stop somewhere in Nevada.
MSRP $29.95 for 24 pack

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