9 Instagram shots every outdoor lover is guilty of

Let’s be honest: Only a handful of outdoor photographers will ever join the ranks of Instagram’s bluebloods, the prestigious few who land sponsorship deals and contracts based on their double-tap-worthy talents.

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The rest of us? We’re just posting for the fun of it. Here, nine Instagrams every outdoor lover has probably posted at one point or another.

Guilty? Don’t worry — us, too.

The GoPole selfie

Taking a photo of yourself in the throes of action, all while maintaining a death grip on your camera’s monopole mount?

The only civilized way to take a selfie.

The gear grid

Also known as the #frontdoorkit. Because the best way to ensure you’ll never forget anything is to lay it all out in painstakingly organized piles.

And then play some Tetris.

The adventure dog

A photo posted by REI (@rei) on

Acceptable breeds include heelers, goldens, labs, pointers, huskies and any adorable, adoptable mutt that can keep up with your mountain bike and won’t require a ramp to get in the car.

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Ski tips, handlebars, the bow of your kayak: What you saw, we see.

The brand enthusiast

A photo posted by Shayne Johnson (@elcapitan355) on

Spent too much on that gear you had to have? Earn some return on your investment with Instagram exposure.

Show that brand how cool you’re making them look and they’re bound to show you some love. Insert all applicable hashtags here.

The adventuremobile

A photo posted by Zach Frederick (@z_freddy) on

These souped-up Frankensteins of the auto world have been retrofitted for any expedition near or far. Popular models include the Sprinter, the VW Vanagon and the Unimog.

The epic campsite

A photo posted by Quin (@everchanginghorizon) on

Causing life envy since hashtags became a thing.

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The jump shot

The single best way to celebrate summits, sunsets and semi-cool boulders.

Variations include the handstand, the yoga pose and victory arms.

The back of someone’s head

Because landscapes are boring and everyone’s head looks good from behind.

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