An inside look at living in New Zealand’s oldest national park

Fiordland National Park is New Zealand‘s oldest and largest national park, covering about 8,000 square miles. But within it is an enclave of a few dozen people living off the land and off the grid.

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One of them is Warrick Mitchell, who lives in an area that is only accessible by boat or plane and is a four days hike to the nearest road.

Living mostly off the land, they rely on solar power for their energy needs and rain water for their drinking water. They also hunt and fish for most of their meals, and have a trailer-sized freezer for keeping their food and produce fresh.

Mitchell also enjoys the wilderness and landscape on offer, getting empty surf sessions in when the elements cooperate. The tight-knit community helps each other like true neighbors, and they also do their part to keep the area as pristine and intact to its natural state as they can.

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Ultimately, Mitchell keeps things in perspective when things get harsh: “When things break or things don’t go your way, it’s always really important to remember you’re in the green. The experience is being out here and enjoying being out here, everything else is a bonus. So you can’t get too serious if one thing breaks.

Warrick Mitchell catching his dinner. Photo: YouTube

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