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Distant Super Earth, Planet K2-18b, has Another Super Earth Behind it

 Marvin Coloma / EyeEm

Marvin Coloma / EyeEm

What’s better than one super-Earth? Two super-Earths.

Astronomers have found a bonus Earth-like planet hiding behind the already known K2-18b and it could potentially host alien life. According to Newsweek, the two Earth-esque orbs are 111 light-years away from us and have surface water. Great conditions for alien life forms to exist.

K2 was found back in 2015 by scientists using the  “European Southern Observatory’s planet-hunting HARPS device in Chile”. While researching they found it’s buddy, K2-18c. The intense device found that the planets have a rocky ground with a gaseous atmosphere.

In 2019 NASA will be launching the James Webb telescope which will investigate the planets further.