Short film documents how to build an awesome dugout canoe by hand

The dugout canoe is one of the oldest modes of water transportation around. The process of finding a tree big enough, striping the log, shaping it, hollowing it, molding it and sealing it is wonderfully time-consuming and arduous.

But it’s also a craft that harkens back to a time before power tools. And one that creates a special connection to our transportation.

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A new short film, “The Birth of a Dugout Canoe” documents the process by Latvian master woodworker Rihards Vidzickis. While it’s nearly 19-minutes long, it gives an incredibly insightful look into brief moments of what goes into making a dugout canoe by hand.

As you can see in this snippet, it is truly a lengthy process. Taking over three months worth of hard work, Vidzickis can be seen taking the utmost pride in the work itself — which we imagine any of us would if we were to undertake a project like this.

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It’s reassuring that in our day-and-age of using technology for hyper-productivity there are people out there still creating things like this and taking the time to do it properly. It’s something we should all take note of and try to implement more within our own lives.

Rihards Vidzickis taking his finished dugout canoe for a test-run.

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