The Truth is Out There: New Study Shows Half of Humans Believe in Aliens

Image via Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo / Getty

We are not alone.

A new study from Glocalities shows that over half of us Earthlings believe that there is another form of life out there. The study spanned 24 countries and 26,492 people. 61% of those polled believe that some form of life exists outside of our planet and 47% of those people believe it is intelligent life.

Those who believe there is some advanced form of alien life out there, 60% of them think we should be trying to make contact. These people also are very invested in science and have an anti-authoritarian mindset. They also “have faith in technological progress”.

This study comes on the heels of astronomers finding two distant planets that have been billed as “super earths” that could support alien life.

After reading the study, please just look right into the flashing light.


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