Watch a knife maker forge an old horseshoe into a knife

In our day and age it’s ever important to reuse materials whenever possible. We have come to see that our natural resources are not an endless supply and that we need to make all efforts to take what we have already created and use them for other things.

While metal is not necessarily a resource that’s in terribly short supply, it does make a lot of sense to use old horseshoes for other things made of metal.

Steve Miller (not the musician) is a beginner knife maker who has been making knives out of other metal things — previously he’s made a tomahawk out of a wrench and a knife out of a file. This time around he forges an incredibly sharp knife out of an old horseshoe.

He heats the horseshoe up, bends it and molds part of the U into the blade, leaving the other end of the U as the handle. When it’s all said and done he’s made a knife that can cut just about anything with an awesome curved handle.

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